COCKTALE CARNIVAL : Stories that will shake & stir
Chetaan Joshii
ISBN 978-93-82035-17-6
Paperback, PP 328, Rs 350
Cocktale Carnival is a celebration of stories to tickle your literary bone. Chetaan Joshii offers a scrumptious feast, where you are bound to experience the entire gamut of emotions...from amusement to intrigue, from pathos to arousal to surprise... An order, fairly unpredictable!
Entrance to this party would be the sole preserve of those biblio buffs who wish to mingle with an assortment of invitees – a man who travels on the same train everyday to search for a place that exists every now and then... A composer who makes a music note vanish... An actor ready to kill for a role... A writer who steps into his own story and smashes his Writer’s Block... An ad-woman who metamorphoses into an advertibrate... A detective searching for a stolen heart... A scientist who discovers that love is a radioactive element... A medium that uses a planchette as a murder weapon... A man who realizes that a love triangle can exist between two people... And an author living under the curse of O. Henry... Oh, there are other party animals as well... A duckling that’s sure he isn’t really ugly... A peacock that learns why he is supposed to strut his stuff... And yes, there’s a mouse that redefines the meaning of a mousetrap...
Weird, funny, surreal, touching – choose any label that you may – each of these concoctions would whet your palate – and your tongue would relish, retain, and relate every tale you taste...

Critical acclaim for Chetan Joshi’s scintillating short stories, Blind Man’s Buff: Original ideas, diverse themes, vivid descriptions, compelling plots! What more could one want? Chetan Joshi is a great story-teller.
David Crystal, Author, The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language

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