Always Being Born
Paperback, ISBN 978-81-904559-6-1
PP 290, Rs 295
When you do a good deed to someone
Do so without expecting
When it would be repaid
Like the coconut palm tree
That takes in water from the ground
And gives it back through the coconut milk
Without expecting any gratitude
So wrote the thirteenth century Thamizh poetess, Auvaiyar. And Chitra’s narrative too runs its course around the analogy of a coconut tree.
Leading an eventful life, evolving from one triumph to another, she is thwarted by the most daunting challenge of her life. Will she face up or call it quits? Will she surf over adversity to achieve true success and lasting happiness? Like coconut water? The coconut tree draws the saline waters of the oceans from the coastal regions, gets nurtured, and filters this aqua into the sweetest coconut water.
Will Chitra rise above her circumstances? Through the sojourn of Chitra, this novel takes you on a voyage of diverse life situations thus inducing introspection. A compelling story wherein the reader could step in and out of conditions that are commonplace, the conditions that could be faced by any and every one, and activate a thought process to emerge stronger and more contented.
Life offers several opportunities to those who dare and those who care to seek them. Through high and low tide, the ship that continues to sail reaches the shore. Happiness is the shore that pays its best tribute to life. At the end of the day, the biggest accomplishment is to have lived well. For, living well is to have glorified the gift of existence. And by elevating this bequest of fortitude we leave behind a legacy of hope – for all humankind…

Will Chitra sail through?

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